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He is Creative, and He is Here.

I had an ultrasound appointment this week to check on Baby H. My last doctor scheduled an extra ultrasound for us because my stomach was/is not measuring where it “needs” to be.  I was 32 weeks pregnant at the time of the appointment, and my stomach was measuring around 29 cm {which is typical for a woman 29 weeks pregnant}. Even though doctors had similar concerns with my first, a part of me immediately panicked.

What if something is wrong with him? What could I have been doing differently? What if this is an indicator of a larger issue?

Try as I might, I couldn’t keep myself from worrying. My husband encouraged me to be excited that we get to see our little man again – not many expectant parents get to have more than one or two ultrasounds of their unborn child. So, we left it at that and waited for the appointment.

Much to our relief, everything looked fine. Baby boy was weighing in around 5 lbs 6 oz, and is a very active little thing!


Watching him on the ultrasound monitor, and feeling him squirm inside of me, confirmed just how powerful, creative, and present our God is.

He intricately created my womb to perfectly home two wonderful babies {this far}. My belly might look small, but inside lies a little boy who has just enough room to grow and wiggle around.

He created our bodies to know just what to do when that life starts forming within them. He created a woman’s body to sustain life – how incredible! The womb knows to expand, the organs move around as needed, and the skin stretches – allowing for a woman’s body to house POUNDS and FEET of baby within them for nine {or really ten} months.

Our God knows what He’s doing.

There are so many opportunities around me that serve as witness to this fact. Yet, I sometimes forget how all-knowing He is when the unknown creeps up on me.

When the future looks scary I sometimes forget that the Lord has already won the battle ahead of me. He has been there, is here, and was with me even before this all began.

He knows. He knows everything – that was, and is, and will be. He knows what I feel now, and how I will feel. What I’ve done, and what I’m currently doing. Where you are, and what you are going to become. What our children are going to become. And he will be there every step of the way.

Our God is creative, and He is here. He is with us right now, as I type these words. As you read this post.

Do you forget that sometimes? Do you  feel like God doesn’t know what He’s doing in your life? Or that He’s never available to you?

Friend, let me be the one to tell you today that He is here. He is available. He desires to speak to you, and me, if we would only start the conversation.

He is Creative, and He is Here.

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