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I’m Different, Now That I’m A Mom.

I'm Different,

Motherhood is an experience unlike any other. It changed me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Now that I’m a mom, I’m different in lots of ways:

  1.  I have a curfew. Don’t invite me out past 5:00 PM. My daughter goes to bed at 7:30, which mean’s I’m used to going to bed around that time as well.
  2. I expect you to leave my house at a decent hour. I hate to break it to you friends, but even though I love you and want to see you, after that baby goes to bed I don’t want to stay up talking much later. So don’t call me after 8:00 PM. I am greedy when it comes to my sleep.
  3. I talk about poop often. After my daughter pooped so violently it shot against her bedroom wall, I was done keeping her poop a secret. Not only was it disgusting, it was hilarious! And the story needed to be shared. So now, I might just tell you that when my daughter eats mandarin oranges they reappear in her diaper.
  4. I’ve only got kid tunes in my head. I don’t like my daughter listening to music on the radio, so we listen to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs every morning. Now the blasted Hot Dog song is forever on repeat in my head.
  5. I cry easily. I can’t help it. Being a mom has made me such a softy. Before motherhood, you would never see me cry.  Now, all it takes is for my daughter to wave at me or smile at me for no reason and I lose it. Let’s just say I’ve got really clean eyes now.
  6. I’m harder on myself now. Raising a human being is hard work. There’s a lot of pressure to not screw them up, and to raise them the right way. We do our best, but their little minds decide to do whatever they want anyway.
  7. I know a lot now. Birthing a child is not something to take lightly. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know what it feels like to labor for 20+ hours, push a baby out my lady parts, sit through stitches, and then take care of said baby while I’m in recovery. I can tell you things I’ve learned about breastfeeding, indigestion in infants, sleeping through the night, and what worked and what didn’t. I learned a lot because there were so many things I didn’t know before becoming a mom.
  8. My body has changed. Regardless of how much weight I put on during pregnancy, every part of my body has changed because of it. I’ve got scars that have stretched, a belly button that has flipped inside out, sides that have itched as they accommodated a growing belly, and boobs that have found a way to produce sustaining milk for my babies. It’s truly amazing. Now that my daughter is no longer inside of me, my body feels a little more empty than it did before. It feels stronger, more durable, more capable than it did before.
  9. I love more now. There are days when I feel like I am at my wits end with everything: my daughter is screaming for no reason, the house is a mess, the cats are dragging pieces of litter through every room, and my hair won’t stay up. These are the moments I feared I would grow to resent my daughter for not being perfect, for not constantly making me happy. But you know what? In those moments, she does make me happy. It is easy for me to sit down and snuggle with her while she screams, and when she stops and finally looks at me and smiles, my heart about explodes. Unconditional love is hard to describe because it just happens. I never tried to make it happen, it was already there when I needed it. It doesn’t matter what she does, or how many times she tries to crawl up the stairs after I’ve told her no, I will always love her.

Tell me, moms – what’s different about you now?

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